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Standards & Tools

The high-level map below shows the major resources and ongoing initiatives relevant to product carbon reporting in the freight sector.

For detail on these and others, and for improvements, please use the "Group Work" section on the right.

For simplicity, resources are classified by their main area of focus: methodologies, databases for collecting and providing emissions factors, tools for performing calculations, or final reporting formats and exchanges. A few resources are listed under several headings. Some resources do not currently offer product carbon reporting services but are widely known so are listed for clarification purposes.

Methodologies Emissions Data Calculation Tools Reporting & Certification
GHG Protocol Product Standard Clean Cargo Working Group EcoTransIT Carbon Disclosure Project
PAS 2050 SmartWay EPE-ADEME Excel Tool Global Reporting Initiative
WEF Consignment Carbon Guidelines NTM Clean Cargo Working Group Carbon Trust Footprinting Company
ISO 14067  IEA Electricity Emissions NTM KEITI Carbon Footprint Label 
Japanese CFP TS Q0010  DEFRA GHG Conversion Factors    
prEN16258:2011  ICAO approved models list    
EU Aviation ETS  IMO GHG Study    
COFRET Climate Transact / SmartWay Europe    
  EU JRC Well to Wheels data    
  ILCD / ELCD    
  IPCC 2006 Guidelines    


15 March - Governance Discussion - Bonn

27 March -  Green Freight Europe launch - Brussels

Upcoming  - Harmonization Group Call

18 April  - EcoTransit workshop - Hamburg

Upcoming -  Communication Group Call 

CONTRIBUTORS: Agility, A.P. Möller Maersk, Brightstar, Deutsche Bahn*, Deutsche Post DHL, FedEx, Kuehne + Nagel*, Panalpina*, La Poste*, Lufthansa, Stena, TNT, UPS, VW